Table 2

SNPs from tagSNP analysis associated with genes that were not identified by single SNP analysis (P < 1.01 × 10−5)

rs38914004:123736349BBS12T/G0.8777−0.01230.00276.4 × 10−6688,812
rs748416811:8316829TUBA/C0.5499−0.00780.00188.5 × 10−6684,328
rs126750388:117706218RAD21T/C0.88550.01130.00258.9 × 10−6794,582
  • Chromosome (Chr):position, Alleles (effect/other), effect allele frequency (EAF), beta (β), SE, P values, and number of observations (N) are reported. SNP positions are reported according to Build 37. See Supplementary Table 3 for the complete results from tagSNP analysis.