Hematopoietic and pancreatic engraftment of bone marrow–derived cells in transplanted diabetic mice

SourceTransgenen*Percent hematopoietic chimerismPancreatic GFP+cells (n sections; positive sections)Percent of pancreatic GFP+ cells (insulin, Pdx1.1, Nkx6.1, CD45, CD4/CD8, B220, and Mac-1/Gr-1)
Whole bone marrowMIP/GFP2194 ± 1840; 0%NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, and NA
Whole bone marrowβ/GFP2193 ± 1630; 100%0, 0, 0, >99.9, 0, 0, and >99
  • Data are means ± SD, unless otherwise indicated.

  • *

    * Lethally irradiated mice were transplanted with 4.0 × 106 whole bone marrow cells from MIP/GFP or β/GFP mice. Transplanted mice were analyzed for hematopoietic contribution of transplanted bone marrow cells 6 weeks posttransplantation and for pancreatic reconstitution at 4–6 weeks after alloxan treatment (12–14 weeks posttransplantation).

  • Number of pancreatic sections analyzed for GFP (by epifluorescence and/or anti-GFP antibodies) as well as insulin, Pdx-1, and Nkx6.1 expression. Thirty fields of pancreatic sections of mice transplanted with β-GFP bone marrow cells were analyzed (using × 40 objects) for coexpression of GFP and CD45 with the blood lineage markers CD4/CD8, B220, and Mac-1/Gr-1.

  • Frequency of sections containing GFP+ cells. Specificity of each marker was confirmed using positive and negative control tissues (see research design and methods). NA, not applicable.