Prevalence of diabetes and insulitis in transplanted NOD mice

Transplanted miceRecipient sexPancreas histology
No. of islets observedHistology score (%)
C57BL/6.H-2g7 WBM → NOD 1F114618927No
C57BL/6.H-2g7 WBM → NOD 2F1443222114No
C57BL/6.H-2g7 HSC → NOD 1F7860140No
C57BL/6.H-2g7 HSC → NOD 2F8871300No
NOD control 1F13001585No
NOD control 2F222393632No
C57BL/6.H-2g7 control 1F13100000No
C57BL/6.H-2g7 control 2F16100000No
C57BL/6.H-2g7 WBM → NOD.SCIDM5100000No
  • Islet cell infiltration: NOD mice were conditioned with 950 cGy and transplanted with HSCs or bone marrow from B6.H-2g7 mice were killed 6 months posttransplantation. Eight-week-old unmanipulated B6.H-2g7 and NOD mice are included in the analysis. Adjacent sections of pancreata were analyzed, and islet infiltrates were scored according to a grading system described by Wicker et al. (54). Histology score: grade 0, no infiltration; grade 1, perivascular/periductular or perinsular infiltration, but not penetrating; grade 2, mild leukocytic islet mass infiltration; grade 3, severe infiltration, islet mass destruction. WBM, whole bone marrow.